The idea for Shypoke Wines took root in 1904, the resulting wines are a tribute to our century of honest, careful farming in Calistoga, at the Northern tip of the Napa Valley. Now five generations of Winegrowers into this, we have stuck it out through Prohibition, the Depression, Phylloxera as well as more than a few up and down cycles of economic fortune- winegrowing isn’t a passing fancy, it’s a way of life in our family. We keep a simple philosophy about making Shypoke wines, understand our land; respect that land by cultivating it sustainably; and allow its unique qualities to characterize the wines. We find that our wines are eminently suited to the table, with vibrant clarity of fruit expression and place.

2007 vintage

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  1. Stuart Henry Says:

    We can’t wait to taste the 2006 vintage! Since some good friends of ours introduced us to your wine we’ve enjoyed each vintage… keep them coming!

  2. Vance Garguilo Says:

    My family and I just wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to share with us your 2006 vintage of all your fine wines and a tour of the vinyard.

  3. Peter Says:


    Thanks for enjoying our wines! Great to meet with you and your family- Your boys were a pleasure and the tales of transition from Poland to NY were fascinating. Looking forward to your next visit!


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